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Meet The Ellesential Kit

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On Some Real Shit...

Elle Aura Beauty is a plant based skincare and wellness company as well as a private skin studio based in Atlanta, Georgia. These beautiful and effective skincare products are specifically formulated and curated with love for melanated skin. All by our in house licensed Black Esthetician and owner Taylor Gabrielle. While skincare and selfcare might be a fad right now for most, this ain't that ! Elle Aura Beauty is deeper than that, realer than that and more healing than that. Our products encourage optimal skin and mental health by incorporating phyto-therapy, aromatherapy, healing herbs and botanials into our ingredient line-ups. Elle Aura Beauty presents a path that can awaken holistic results, with consistency from our customers and clients. Every product found AND purchased here is non-toxic, sustainable and plant based. With this being the foundation here, you will also find that our products target a multitude of skin concerns and needs. Each product aids in giving relief to hyperpigmentation, dry or dehydrated skin, oily and acne prone skin. Or just skin maintenance if thats what you require. Begin, explore and experience Elle Aura Beauty. It's so worth it. So take a look around, stay a while, grab your skincare products and you can even book your customized facial. Remember to stay beautiful sis.

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